We can help you make the right business decisions at key points in your company’s lifecycle

When you’re searching for just the right partner to guide you through a strategic business decision.

Nordhaven has the experience, the know-how, and the deep network to ensure that the end result is the best terms for you.

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Every acquisition is unique. Determining the right rationale, and understanding the value accretion and how to win the company over to you, are key factors in whether your efforts will be successful.

Several questions will be part of shaping the winning strategy, including:

  • What is the best way to approach a target company – and should multiple companies be approached simultaneously?
  • What is the actual value of the acquisition to your company and its shareholders – including synergistic benefits?
  • How do you sell a potential future together with you, and win the hearts and minds of the target company?
  • Who are the likely competing acquirers – and what are the various ways you can position yourself as the preferred choice?
  • Tactically, what is the right price and payment structure to offer?

Why choose us for acquisitions?

Nordhaven has a long track record of successful advisories. This provides assurance that together we can reach our common goal – a superior outcome from the acquisition effort. We have a record of delivering superior results in public and private transactions in Europe, North America, and Asia, beginning in the 1990’s.

  • We always dedicate a senior team with strong tactical skills to your project.
  • We add value to the acquisition process by understanding the needs and behavior of different types of counterparties in various types of transaction processes. We provide advanced tactical skills and the ability to identify potential challenges and create workable solutions.
  • We assist you throughout the entire process, from identifying and prioritizing potential targets and negotiating the commercial parts of the transaction to providing assistance in your internal assessment, decision making, and the final execution of your acquisitions.
  • We have extensive experience in simultaneously executing multiple transactions related to the same case.
  • As required, cross-border teams are provided that have deep knowledge of local differences in both the transaction process and business cultures through Clairfield International.
  • Our experienced debt & capital advisory team can provide optimal insights and advice in transaction funding.

Divestments & exits

Selling a company is a major milestone in every founder’s life, and an important event for any investor or management team member. Timing, preparing for, and executing a successful sales process require a team with the right skill set.

A strong M&A partner who can comprehensively advise you on all aspects of the process and who knows the expectations of even the most demanding potential buyers, significantly increases your chances of achieving a superior outcome.


As all sales processes are tailor-made, several questions are a crucial part of forming the right approach, including:

  • What is the value potential and what preparations are needed to maximize the probability of reaching it?
  • What is the rationale of potential buyers to acquire you?
  • Where are they located, and are they financially oriented or strategically oriented?
  • How should the equity story be tailored to maximize buyers’ level of interest?
  • What should the credit story be to attract lenders?
  • Are you selling a majority or a minority share?
  • What is the level of commitment from existing management to support new ownership?
  • How should the divestment process be designed to optimize competition and maximize valuation while minimizing the execution risk?

Why choose us for divestments & exits?

  • We have a successful track record in sell-side transactions across all major business sectors dating back to the 1990’s.
  • Our experienced senior teams always provide strong tactical skills.
  • Our strong investment case building capabilities include early identification of key drivers for interest and valuation as well as well-designed sales materials and processes.
  • To reduce the execution risk of a transaction, we always identify potential deal issues and prepare responses how to manage them.
  • We provide access to both financial and industrial buyers, when needed, through our international partner Clairfield International.
  • Our experienced debt & capital advisory team can impact the valuation positively through understanding the drivers of debt capacity as well as sources of debt.

Debt & Capital Advisory

We provide high added value through improved financial structures. When starting a refinancing or growth financing project with you, important questions to consider include:

  • What kind of financing package would be optimal for you, given your strategic ambitions, expected cash flow and business profile?
  • How to position your financing case towards financiers to draw maximum interest?
  • What preparations are needed prior to contacting financiers?
  • How to ensure your access to sustainability-linked and green financing, when applicable?
  • How to refinance debt portfolio effectively for increased financial flexibility (e.g. from collateral pledging to negative pledge)?
  • Which debt and equity financiers to contact and how to run the financing process for a successful closing?

Why choose us for Debt & Capital Advisory?

  • Our expertise is based on wide personal experience with corporate banks, private equity and corporate treasury management.
  • We always dedicate a senior team for our client projects – we have a strong track record with high client satisfaction.  
  • Our clients benefit from our extensive funding toolbox and strong relationships with relevant banks, debt funds, institutions and other capital sources.
  • We offer unconflicted and product-neutral advice without further product sales agendas.
  • We have practical experience on sustainability-linked loans and green financing.
  • Our M&A advisory experience provides additional value for our Debt & Capital Advisory clients – and vice versa.
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